Trap #15: Letting a major change paralyze you

A major change in your life has changed everything.  Again, allow yourself some time.  It’s much better to drift for some time and then be firm in a decision on a new direction, than to decide and change your mind several times.

Work on setting up your life so that you can drift.  Release yourself from commitments in time, effort and money.  Free yourself for a period before you recommit to your new life plan.  Major life changing events can make you have to regenerate your goals.

Sometimes, the goals that used to keep you going are no longer worth pursuing.  You will then need new goals to stretch for, you will need to work on defining these new goals, and with the right goals you will get your motivation and drive back.

Look at it as an opportunity to start afresh.  Many people would beg to be in your shoes and start over.  You might also have a period of time where you feel generally disinterested.  This, too, will be solved when you have your new goals clearly set out before you.

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