Trap #2: Acquire money first and then tend to the dream

All experience tells us that money in itself will not make you happy.  Why?  Because when you focus on making money, you get stuck in the cycle of making  money.  This chase actually changes who you are.  You get caught up in “What you do, you end up doing.”

So be careful what you do, because that is what you end up doing.  If you believe you want to make money first before doing what you really want to do, you will end up making money and not doing what you really want. Describe what you want to do with the money, the feelings you are after, and then go after the feelings.

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Allowing Ourselves to Ask the Question

Table of Contents

I. Chapter One: Introduction to Life Planning

II. Chapter Two: Your Past

III. Chapter Three: The Influence Of Generations

IV. Chapter Four: Your Present

V. Chapter Five: Your Future

VI. Chapter Six: Your Alternatives

VII. Chapter Seven: Making The Decision

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