“Who” is your answer to “Who are the people in my life?”

The people in your life are vital to your pursuit of happiness.  You can describe your life through the relations you have with other people.  For most of us, our immediate family will be very important.  We want to cultivate the relationship we have to them.

Meaningful personal relationships take time to build.  You want to be clear on whom you want to build your long-term growing relationships with.

In my own experience, I have learned that thinking about my nephews’ and nieces’ futures has increased my awareness of my own future.  I have three nephews and two nieces.  I want to be a part of their future.  I want to be at their graduations and weddings, and I want to see their children.

One day, perhaps a hundred years from now, they will sit with their great grandchildren on their lap and tell them stories from today, perhaps stories about my life.  I have, therefore, incorporated in my alternatives that I should spend more time and effort in my relationship with them.

In my younger years I thought it was possible to make people share my interests.  I used to think that I could influence people to become interested in the same subjects I was.  I now realize that changing people is futile.  It is much better and much easier to seek out the people who share your beliefs.

Today it is possible to keep in touch over the Internet. You can reach anyone, wherever they are on the planet, in one day so we can associate with the people we want to.

Who are the people you absolutely want to share your life with?  Describe the relationship you have with them, and the relationship you want to develop. Be very specific with names.

Examples include:

•  Spouse
•  Lifelong friends
•  Family members
•  Professional colleagues



Also, list the people you would not mind sharing your life with. This list will be more general.



Finally, list the people you would not want to share your life with.  Be brief, and don’t focus on this question too much.


I do not want to share my life with:

•  Negative people.
•  Corrupt officials.
•  People who like to slander.

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