“Why” is your answer to “Why did I choose this for my life?”

Your “why” is essentially your values and the principles you want to live by.  It is your own personal reason for your decisions.  These principles can be anything and will be unique to you.  Your own unique “whys” is something only you can decide on.

We all have our “whys” for all the decisions we make in our lives.  If you ask yourself, “Why do I live where I do?  Why do I do the things I do?” you will have answers to these questions.

In this ”why” section we will be explicit about the reasons you have for deciding on the life you will choose.  If you decide to move to Japan and become a sumo wrestler, you will need to have some very clear reasons why you want this in order to remind yourself of when you encounter roadblocks in your life.

Some of your “whys” will be your absolutes — the things you absolutely will not compromise or change.  If you have children, one of your “whys” will be that you want to spend time with them.  Medical conditions or special personal circumstances might give you other absolutes that you do not want to compromise.

Your whys can be:

•  Principles you absolutely want to live by.
•  Medical, health related, or other personal reasons.
•  A personal mission that requires some very specific actions.

Some questions to consider are:

•  What are the specifics that make you want this?
•  Why do you want to live where you have chosen?
•  Why do you have to be with the people you have chosen?

What are your unique “whys”?  They can be anything that makes your decision important for you.  It is important to be clear and specific about the “whys” so that when you review your decisions later, you will know why you made them.

In my own experience, I miss the sun every winter and I get the winter blues.  Therefore, I have a very powerful ”why” behind my choice of where to live.  I have come to the conclusion that my happiness and my productivity are higher if I am in the sun.

Therefore, I have to set up my life to spend winters in the southern hemisphere.  This has implications for my personal life and career.  I will have to choose a job that I can do wherever I am, and a personal life with people who understand and tolerate that I might be away for weeks or months in the winter.

Examples of some whys include (Why do I want the things that I want?):

•  Honesty
•  Integrity
•  Not polluting nature
•  Respecting other people
•  Because I want to live close to my grandmother
•  Because I want to spend time in the sun during winter

List some of your whys here:

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