The oriental Yin and Yang figure is a good model for the need of balance.

Life is a balancing act.  It is not black or white. It is not winning or losing.  Balance is when you have the pressures of life at a point within your comfort zone.  Like it or not, you will always have all kinds of pressures trying to pull your life in different directions.  The pressures we each experience will always be different.  Balance is how we manage these pressures.

You might need to apply counter-pressure to get your life in balance.  Finding the resources to assemble counter-pressure can be hard; it can require a lot of effort from us to assemble the counter-pressure.  It demands that we be aware of ourselves, aware of what pressures we are exposed to, and aware of how we are balancing them.


Free Workbook: “what do you want to do with your life?”
Allowing Ourselves to Ask the Question

Table of Contents

I. Chapter One: Introduction to Life Planning

II. Chapter Two: Your Past

III. Chapter Three: The Influence Of Generations

IV. Chapter Four: Your Present

V. Chapter Five: Your Future

VI. Chapter Six: Your Alternatives

VII. Chapter Seven: Making The Decision

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