Using a Committee

Another version of “leaving it up to others” is to use a committee that uses voting to decide.  This how many major decisions in our society are made.  It is generally based on the idea that several minds make better decisions than one.

Political processes, public companies, and much of civil society are based on this premise.  You can tie your own life’s decisions to a committee and trust them to make the right decision for you.  You can either be a part of the decision as one mind or you can have no say in the decisions.


Free Workbook: “what do you want to do with your life?”
Allowing Ourselves to Ask the Question

Table of Contents

I. Chapter One: Introduction to Life Planning

II. Chapter Two: Your Past

III. Chapter Three: The Influence Of Generations

IV. Chapter Four: Your Present

V. Chapter Five: Your Future

VI. Chapter Six: Your Alternatives

VII. Chapter Seven: Making The Decision

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