Alternative 1:

•  Life as a businessman in Oslo, Norway.

•  Family, friends, and business acquaintances in Norway.
•  Work on expanding my circle of acquaintances.
•  Work on getting to know more people in the industries and interests I have.

Who not to:
•  Spend less time with negative people.
•  Show more discretion in my dealings with people and not allow relationships to be influenced by negativity.

•  Live in Oslo, Norway.
•  Travel for business and for holidays a few weeks per year.
•  Spend a few weeks in the sun most winters.

•  I know Norway.
•  I already am in Norway.
•  I master doing business there and I have a huge network in Norway.

•  Being a businessman.
•  Making a good living.
•  Expanding my business.
•  Being involved in domestic politics and writing.
•  Working on re-launching a classical liberal business magazine.

•  Using my business skills and my contacts working with companies.

•  Right now.  I am already doing it.

•  Become a successful businessman in Oslo.
•  Become financially independent ASAP.
•  Live a good life in Oslo.
•  Establish a family in Oslo.
•  Pursue my interests in Oslo with people in Oslo.
•  Relaunch classical business magazine Farmand in Norway.

Pros of this alternative:
•  I am already living this alternative.
•  I have good momentum in this alternative.
•  Oslo is safe; it’s a good place to live and to raise a family.
•  Right now this is the easy choice.  It is the road most traveled by.
•  Norway is prosperous because of the oil revenue; there will be economic opportunities here for the rest of my career.

Cons of this alternative:
•  Oslo is very transparent.  Everyone knows everything about everyone.
•  Business in Oslo will demand my continued intense presence in Oslo.
•  I feel I need to develop more as a person before I settle.
•  I do not think I can get the necessary influences to develop fully in Oslo alone.
•  Oslo is a small town.  The opportunities and variety are limited.

Legacy/Obituary if I decide on this alternative:

The Oslo Daily
Hans – 114 years old.
Hans passed away today at age 114.  He was born in Fredrikstad in 1971.  He graduated from Lund University in Sweden in 1996 and worked two years abroad, before he came back and settled in Oslo as a businessman.  In his early thirties, he started several companies in what was then called the Internet sector.  He published three internationally famous books about life planning.  In 2007 he re-launched the classical liberal business magazine Farmand that, to this day, is perhaps regarded as the premier Norwegian business magazine.  He remained publisher of Farmand until he retired at age 89.  During the last 40 years of his life, he spent a large part of the winters in his home in Provence, France.  Three children, six grandchildren, and nine great-grand children survive him.

Life in 5 years:
•  Making good money.
•  Working on exciting projects.
•  Having some success in business and some setbacks.
•  Experiencing winter blues every winter.

Life in 10 years:
•  Have a family and children.
•  Make more money.
•  Have some success in business and some setbacks.
•  Experience winter blues every winter.

Life in 20 years and above:
•  Have a family and children.
•  Make more money.
•  To some degree struggling with the winter blues every winter.
•  Spending winters in Provence.
•  Eventually have grandchildren.
•  See my companies grow and mature.

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