List the Alternatives

Now let’s move to the next step and start to list your alternatives.  I have prepared five different alternatives for you here, but don’t feel restrained by this number.  Make more or less alternatives until you feel you have gone through them all; a minimum of three alternatives is advisable.

Play around with the alternatives.  Move the answers around.  Make combinations that surprise you.  You are on the right track if you are able to make combinations you have never though of before, or combinations that make you smile or laugh.

Give each alternative a compelling title and key points.  Because the brain can only hold a certain amount of conscious thoughts at any one given time, you want to distill your alternatives and your decision into one short compelling title and a few key points.

Think of it like a hook that you can hang your decision on.  You might have moments of doubt along the way; this is when you need to recall the title and one or two key points that will override the doubt and get you back on track.  If you have long and complicated reasons for making the decision, you will not be able to remember all of them.

That’s why you want to distill your decision into just a few ideas that appeal to your emotions.  Saying “I am here in New York because, in a weighted analysis of all my alternatives, I gave 843 points to New York, 839 points to California, and 803 points to Utah” is not convincing when doubts comes in.

You would be much better if you recall your decision as a positive title, such as: “Creative girl on her way up in the Big Apple” with key points of “I am here in New York because I love the big city life and my chance of making it in show business is greater here than anywhere else on earth.”

This will be a good title to recall with key points that will keep you on track.

I want to tell you there is one alternative you don’t have to write down.  I have done it for you.  It is called The Default Alternative.  This is the alternative you will get if you do not consciously decide on your own alternative.

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