The Checklist

The time has now come to analyze the alternatives you have made against the checklist.  This is a crucial step in your process of refining and mitigating your alternatives.

When test pilots take to the air in a new airplane they go through a long checklist.  They are ready on the runway to fly.  They have a clear goal for where they want to go and what they want to accomplish.  They have years of training and experience, and the new airplane has been years in the making.  Yet they still go over the checklist to make sure everything is okay to go.

The pilots did not make the checklist themselves.  The aircraft manufacturer compiles and refines the checklist as new information becomes available.  The checklist is the combined experience and wisdom of operating the plane.

They go over every aspect of the plane and the plan to fly it.  If they can’t answer a crucial question, they go back and work on it before they take to the sky.  You want to do the same.

Your life plan is unique like a new airplane.  There has never been and will never be someone like you or a life plan like yours.  We are all on our own unique journey through life.  Your test plane is still on the ground, but you are ready to decide to take to the air.  Before you decide, you want to go over the checklist to check your plan against the experience of people before you.

If there is something crucial that you have not thought over, go back and work on it.  Don’t fly your plane to the sky before you are ready.  You have your alternatives clear.  Now you want to go over your alternatives with the checklist to see if you have good answers to the questions you find relevant.

You do not need to answer all the questions.  The point of the exercise is to initiate thoughts and ideas. If you don’t have answers you are satisfied with, you will want to keep working on your alternatives.

This checklist is not final or complete.  The checklist is a compilation of questions I have found important to answer.  You might find some of them useful and some of them not.  If you have other dimensions and other questions you feel are important, then add them to your checklist.  You will now have at least a few alternatives of things you would like to do with your life.  You want to use the checklist on all the alternatives that you find viable. You might want to adjust your alternatives as you work through the checklist.

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Table of Contents

I. Chapter One: Introduction to Life Planning

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VII. Chapter Seven: Making The Decision

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