What Constitutes a Good Answer?

The different alternatives will offer different answers to The Question.  In very general terms it is possible to say that:

• An Answer that is flexible is preferable to a rigid one.
• An Answer that uses your natural abilities and given premises might be preferable to one where you have to start from scratch.
• An Answer with high likelihood of success is preferable to one with a low likelihood of success.  You make your own luck by setting yourself up for success.
• An Answer where you will still be happy if things don’t work out exactly as you want might be preferable to one where you have to achieve a very specific goal to be happy.  An answer where time works for you is preferable.

In the checklist section you will find many more questions to compare your answers to.

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Allowing Ourselves to Ask the Question

Table of Contents

I. Chapter One: Introduction to Life Planning

II. Chapter Two: Your Past

III. Chapter Three: The Influence Of Generations

IV. Chapter Four: Your Present

V. Chapter Five: Your Future

VI. Chapter Six: Your Alternatives

VII. Chapter Seven: Making The Decision

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