Do I have a strong reason for this alternative?  What is it?

Do I have more than one reason for this alternative?  What are they?

What feeling is this answer going to give?

What feelings will this answer give along the way?

What feelings will this answer give at the arrival of the goals?

Is it likely that this decision will lead to happiness?  Why or why not?

Will it lead to happiness once obtained, or will it also lead to happiness along the way?  How? (Life is not so much the great pleasure of reaching the big goals, as it is the pleasure in all the small things along the way.)

Will I still be happy if I don’t come in first?  Why or why not?  (In the Olympics, dozens of contenders compete. They are all great, but only one will win.  It’s good if you want to be number one, but it is important that you are able to enjoy life even if you do not come in first.  No one will win in all the areas of life.)

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Free Workbook: “what do you want to do with your life?”
Allowing Ourselves to Ask the Question

Table of Contents

I. Chapter One: Introduction to Life Planning

II. Chapter Two: Your Past

III. Chapter Three: The Influence Of Generations

IV. Chapter Four: Your Present

V. Chapter Five: Your Future

VI. Chapter Six: Your Alternatives

VII. Chapter Seven: Making The Decision

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