Action Items

Seek your oldest living relatives and ask them about the past as far back as they can remember. Realize that if you find someone in their 80s or 90s, his memories could bring you back about 150 years.  How?  Perhaps when he was younger, say in his late teens or 20s, he probably talked to his great-grandmother who was also 80 or 90 years old.  Perhaps that great great-grandmother was able to talk about her own great grandparents.  He is now carrying all that information with him.

This is as far back as firsthand human memory can carry us without the help of the written word. Getting a historic sense of where you come from can be a profound and deeply revealing experience.  So do a bit of research into your ancestors and try to understand what part of them is in you.

These are people who have lived and breathed.  They have hoped, worked, smiled, laughed, and dreamed. Something from them is in you — some of their hopes, dreams, love, anger, frustrations, and wisdom are part of who you are.  It does not mater if you are adopted, if you do not know your biological parents, or if you simply don’t have access to this data.

You have likely been raised by someone who has filled the father and mother roles, and that is who has influenced you.  Use the data you collect from those people.  Get pictures of your ancestors.  Look closely at the pictures. What do you see in their faces?  What facial features do you see in them that you also possess?

Realize that we have inherited much more from them than their genes.  We have inherited how we think and act, how we react to things, how we perceive life, and how we make sense of life.   They have influenced us in many ways.

As you continue looking at the pictures, think about the following:

• What kind of feelings or emotions do the pictures convey?
• Who are really the people in the photographs?
• What did they think about?
• What were their pleasures?
• What were their sorrows?
• What would they tell you and advise you if they were alive today?
• What could they tell you about who you are?

Also, try to get an understanding of the society they lived in and how that influenced them.  Life was tougher before.  Life was often shorter and more painful.  Try to understand the culture they came from.  How did that influence them?

You are the peak of their family tree.  You are carrying the torch of life.  They are all “watching” you.  You are the one blessed with being on the planet, free to make things happen and to live life.

“Carpe diem!”

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