Exercise: Things That Have Given You Pleasure

Human beings are designed to seek pleasure and avoid pain.  Throughout our life, our brain carefully registers which behaviors have given pleasure and which have given pain.  For every new experience we have, our brain subconsciously runs it against the memory of similar situations and presses for a similar behavior that has given pleasure (or at least less pain) in the past.

Sometimes we need to override this push by our subconscious brain.  We need our conscious brain to display more long-term behaviors that might not give the instant relief our brain calls for, such as doing exercise and avoiding unhealthy food.

What gives pleasure is unique for each person.  Our preference in pleasure is an intricate part of our personality and it is what makes us who we are.  You want to be aware about what gives you pleasure so that you will make a conscious effort to expose yourself to this.

Write down the things, events, and circumstances that give you pleasure in your life.  Write down things both big and small.  Most likely, many of your entries will be interpersonal such as your relationships to family, friends, and loved ones.

The more things you have, the better.

Some examples could be:
• Family dinners.
• Walking the dog.
• Professional recognition.
• Driving my new car.
• Watching TV.



Add additional sheets of paper as necessary.

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